Last Modified: 2008.10.01

We are "ApeWORKs". ApeWORKs is a group of rapture who fulfills the ambition using Macintosh with a doubtful personal level.
There is also no means for there to be no organization which supports an individual doubtful ambition purely, therefore to fulfill ambition. Furthermore, there is also no place which exchanges courtesies in the subject based on doubtful information, and according to the reason of only that the human being who loves Macintosh by chance occupied the majority, there is this irrational user group once and there is still.
The report which is issuing only the special number without always starting is begun, and it is ApeWORKs which is achieving steady success and advances also to the Internet at last. These days, also in a community, let's come to stand the rumor "that user group is suspicious" and "place on the lee if you are a disgrace to a user group", and say that WEB site public presentation broke in into a new dimension towards a doubtful ambition. A change is not in that and a doubtful thing at which dimension.
Since it is useless, the motto of this group spends wisdom. The playful user group called ApeWORKs by the reason for saying exists in this world.

About the present activity which ApeWORKs performs, I introduce simply.

#1   Support program
The application which is needed when shifting environment to Mac OS X from Mac OS 9 in order to support a disability user, About the program recognized as activity of groups, such as upgrade of the application used by the hardware (it used and swarmed)/software worried individually, and every day, the purchase expense is provided out of operational expenses.
#2   Official-recognition project
It is a style in which a hand is raised on a meeting or on-line, and the person who thought in principle wanted to do collects an individual or a volunteer, starts a project, shares a role, and appeals for cooperation in a group. About the project considered to be important, if there is an application, it will recognize officially as a group and required cost will come to be covered out of operational expenses.
#3   Newsletter
While compiling the useless information which will appear neither in the Internet [ besides the information which becomes useful when using Macintosh ] top, nor a magazine into one book, online-media-ization of these information that tends to dissipate is attained and it contributes to development of a Macintosh community.
#4   MACWORLD Conference & Expo /Japan (end of activity)
If the festival of one-time Mac is told to a year, it will be MACWORLD Conference & Expo. Probably, don't many people regard the thing of the exposition as it being a mere huge show? However, in fact, an exposition is a festival in which a general [ us ] user can also participate. Do you know that many user groups including we ApeWORKs have sent to an exposition for display?

ApeWORKs is the nonprofit and independent user group who was launched in October, 1996, and is altogether managed by the member's volunteer. I think that he wants to develop the variegated activity as user groups, such as information exchange with the other user groups of inauguration of SIG (Special Interest Group), domestic, and an overseas, and publication of a publication. Also for the reason, an idea, activity, information, and what are OK. I am waiting for your positive participation from the bottom of my heart. Please participate in the range in which you can work happily.
The fee is 1,000 yen per year (in new admission, the admission fee of 5,000 yen is required separately). All ApeWORKs are managed by the fee from a member and the fee is mainly allotted to the expense for management of a group, and maintenance. Please read an application form for admission about the delivery method of a fee.
In addition, since there is a prohibited matter etc., those who wish to register as a club member certainly ask you for the contents of member agreement after affirmation and consent so that [ the procedure of admission ] it may be taken.
Those who wish to register as a club member need to send to an application form for admission to an ApeWORKs secretariat after entry of each matter. In addition, although a list of members is only in an ApeWORKs member, since public presentation has been a principle, please mind.
In addition, I am pleased if there are a question, a demand, etc., and e-mail is got in an ApeWORKs secretariat.