Last Modified: 2008.10.01
Rules & Guidelines

I.  General rules  --------------------------------------------------
Article #01   Name
The formal nomenclature of the group is assumed to be ApeWORKs. Please read, chitin and "A-PE-WORKS" when becoming a member though "APE-WORKS" is called well. I hope.
Article #02   Secretariat
The secretariat of this meeting assumes that it puts it in representative's home as a rule until a suitable place for opening the secretariat is found.
Article #03   Establishment purpose
Profitable information for an individual user is compiled, making these information of it is easy to get scattered and lost Electronic media is aimed at, and it contributes to the development of the Macintosh community.
Article #04   Maintenance of neutrality
This meeting is nonprofit organization, and all the activities are done by the member's volunteer cooperation. However, if the nature turns, the cost related to the activity of the meeting might be provided from among the management expense.

II.  Member  --------------------------------------------------
Article #05   Insertion secession regulations
This meeting agrees to the purpose of Article #03, and makes the person interested in Macintosh a member. The person who hopes for the admission to this meeting must submit it to the secretariat appropriating after it fills it in on a regulated application form for admission.
Moreover, submit it to the secretariat appropriating after it fills it in on a regulated secession written report book when seceding. However, it is not because of loneliness and it must not secede only to cut it.
Article #06   Membership
The member has the right to vote of the one man one vote equally for the management of this meeting, and a special member etc. do not admit this at all. Moreover, the member should deliver the fee by the fee delivery regulations provided in additional rule #1 as management cost of the meeting. The fee considers to the time limit separately provided and an unpaid person considers that it seceded.
Article #07   Stop of prohibited matter and membership
The member prohibits the following acts.
  • Throw information with a specific intention through media of the meeting for a specific manufacturer and the shop.
  • The member must not receive the approval of the meeting, and do the activity provided in additional rule #2 by using the name of the meeting.
  • The management committee of the meeting must use obtained wisdom information on the standpoint for the profit of the individual and a specific group and the enterprise.

  • The representative assumes the one that the stop disposal of membership can be decided to the person who violated the above-mentioned item. The reason is notified by the person for disposal beforehand, and the chance of the excuse is given on media of the steering committee or the meeting.
    It is enabled that it is an expulsion of the person because of this meeting.

    III.  Management committee  --------------------------------------------------
    Article #08   Composition
    It is composed by the following management committee, and the steering committee unites and assumes the responsibility to the member.
    The representative is one person, the representative assistant is one person, and accounting is several people as for one person and other management committee.
    Article #09   Representative
    The representative is "John Doe". It is a representative until the person in question becomes unpleasant. The representative generalizes all the business in daily life and appoints other management committee of this meeting.
    Article #10   Representative assistant
    When it assists in the representative and the representative has the accident, the representative assistant executes the duty as a proxy.
    Article #11   Accounting
    Accounting does the accounting business of this meeting. The representative assistant in little the number of members serves concurrently.
    Article #12   Term of office
    Management committee's term of office is assumed to be one year. However, alternate's management committee's term of office is made between predecessor's remainder terms of office. The management committee's reappointment is not disturbed.
    Article #13   Recall
    It is proposed to the agreement, and it has the agreement of 4/5 or more of the total of the member and management committee's recall is approved about 1/5 of the total of the member.

    IV.  Management  --------------------------------------------------
    Article #14   General meeting
    The general meeting is held once a year, and summoned if necessary by the representative. However, it is likely to change when there are etc. unavoidable, special circumstance
    Article #15   Approval of general meeting
    The general meeting is approved by the attendance of 1/2 or more of the total of the member, and the resolution needs the agreement of the majority of the person present.
    Article #16   Resolution matter
    The following matter is decided in the general meeting.
  • Discussion on budget idea of times of the previous year's closing of accounts and this year.
  • Discussion on time business scheme idea of this year.
  • Decision of time activity policy of this year.
  • Decision and approval of steering committee execution matter.
  • Additionally, decision of matters of weight in meeting management.

  • V.  Member rule  --------------------------------------------------
    Article #17   Reorganization
    It is enabled that it is a revision of the member rule and the additional clause according to the demand, the complaint, pushing up, and the threat, etc. from feelings on the arbitrary and biased view and the day, the weathers, and members.